About The Aesthetikon

What is the nature of the creative machine that generates life in every work of art? This is the question The Aesthetikon attempts to answer. In forging a portrait of the machinery of aesthetics, author Walter Idlewild has drawn on the experiences of over four dozen painters, photographers, authors and musicians.

Now you are invited to participate in the refinement of the initial vision of The Aesthetikon. This limited vanguard edition contains some 45,000 words of analysis and four detailed tables which identify the components of the aesthetic engine for the dancer, actor, painter, photographer, novelist, musician, film maker and musician.

The Aesthetikon is not for sale. A few copies are available on a complimentary basis.

Please send your request to webmail@pmperry.com

The Aesthetikon
by Walter Idlewild
120 pages. Spiral bound.

The Aesthetikon is a vibrant, post-modern critical tour de force of Art’s alchemy and the creative process that transmogrifies ideas into a dramatic and visual reality. Written with energy and insight and easily oscillating between the likes of Kandinsky and Henry James, Yo Yo Ma and Martin Scorsese, Anais Nin and Leonard Bernstein, author Idlewild ranges among constructive elements and techniques in illuminating both components and delivery systems from novel to concert hall to stage and screen. This text will help make better collaborators of all of us engaged in any way both with simple appreciation of the aesthetic engine and close analytical exegesis of all the arts. This is a challenging and penetrating commentary.”

Dr. Abe C. Ravitz
California State University, Dominguez Hills


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